The EU and the Game of Influence on the Western Balkans

By Myriam Marino Recent international developments contributed to highlighting a weakening position of the European Union (EU) in the Western Balkans. Most notably, since the prospect of an imminent EU membership for Western Balkan countries appears to be gradually fading, the inability of the EU to fulfil long made promises potentially encourages the countries toContinue reading “The EU and the Game of Influence on the Western Balkans”

Are Belarus pushbacks pushing back EU law?

By Gregory Lens Faced with an unprecedented influx of migrants from neighboring Belarus, EU countries on the region’s external borders are taking various measures to prevent and stop migrants from entering their countries. Latvia, Lithuania and Poland are currently confronted with a migration crisis caused by Belarus’ disgraced president Lukashenko, who vowed to flood EuropeContinue reading “Are Belarus pushbacks pushing back EU law?”

Sanctions will not drive Belarus into Putin’s arms

By Jelle Baartmans When Alexander Lukashenko was declared President of Belarus by the Central Election Commission in August 2020 after elections that were far from free and fair, many European countries did not recognize the election results and therefore do not recognize Lukashenko as President of Belarus. Before and after the elections, Belarusians took to theContinue reading “Sanctions will not drive Belarus into Putin’s arms”

Troubles in paradise: the darker pasts of the outposts

By Anna Woudstra Pardoen Scattered across the planet are the last vestiges of the famed former British Empire. Some of those have recently reached the news due to the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union: Gibraltar, a small promontory off the coast of Spain and a cause of constant contention between Spain and the UK,Continue reading “Troubles in paradise: the darker pasts of the outposts”

Divide and Rule Gone Wrong: China’s 17+1 members drifting towards Taiwan

By Gregory Lens The official idea behind China’s controversial China-CEEC (Central and Eastern European Countries), commonly known as 17+1 club, was to strengthen ties between the PRC and Eastern European countries to appeal to the agriculture sector in a crisis-hit region of Europe where rural economies are not able to compete under the protectionist policiesContinue reading “Divide and Rule Gone Wrong: China’s 17+1 members drifting towards Taiwan”

Italy’s G20 Presidency: an opportunity for the EU?

By Ilaria Sacco 2021 has symbolized the beginning of a new era, a moment of recovery after one of the biggest crises caused by the pandemic. Covid-19 shows us that we live in  such an interdependent world, made of interconnected threats. In this world, multilateralism must be revived. This means more rapid and unique responsesContinue reading “Italy’s G20 Presidency: an opportunity for the EU?”