What is behind Türkiye-Israel restored relations?

By Liz Moran In August 2022, breaking news informed of Türkiye and Israel’s fully restored diplomatic relations. The countries had first broken up their diplomatic relations in 2010, when Turkish activists tried to breach Israel’s naval blockade of the Gaza strip, causing a deadly confrontation between the activists and Israeli commandos. After a year ofContinue reading What is behind Türkiye-Israel restored relations?

The End of Swiss Neutrality?

By Ryan Hoi Kit Leung On 10th August, Ukraine and Switzerland reached an agreement in which the latter will represent Ukrainian interests in Russia. In light of the invasion, Ukraine severed diplomatic relations with Russia followed by the evacuation of its embassy in Moscow. According to Swiss media, Switzerland proposed to use its local embassyContinue reading “The End of Swiss Neutrality?”

France’s Position in the Ukrainian Crisis

by Yaprak Akkaya As one of the EU’s major superpowers, France has been vocal since the beginning of the contflict between Russia and Ukraine. Until now, Macron has sought to be a negotiator and to encourage communication for innocent people. On the other hand, there is also a response to this crisis at the UnionContinue reading “France’s Position in the Ukrainian Crisis”

Challenges to the credibility of EU cyber diplomacy

By Robin Vandendriessche The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), in its threat landscape report of 2021, stated that cyberattacks have continued to increase in terms of numbers and impact. These threats have become more brutal and sophisticated, as the Chinese cyberattacks on European hospitals in 2020 or the Russian cyberattacks targeting politicians ahead ofContinue reading “Challenges to the credibility of EU cyber diplomacy”

The Undiplomatic Diplomat

By Arbër Berisha When describing a diplomat, the words “hack”, “shill”, “nasty” and “dishonest” should not come to one’s mind. However, those are the exact words former U.S. national security adviser Susan Rice used to describe Richard Grenell. Her words will resonate with political circles in Germany. The aforementioned adjectives partially depict a bully, anContinue reading “The Undiplomatic Diplomat”