Where Europe overflows: Russia as a colonial power

By Anna Woudstra Pardoen One often tends to forget that Russia, in whatever iteration of its existence it was in, has been a colonial empire. Whereas other colonial powers journeyed overseas to find, claim and exploit new lands and territories, Russia expanded over land, northwards into the lands of the Finnic and Sami peoples, eastwardsContinue reading “Where Europe overflows: Russia as a colonial power”

EU-Mercosur Agreement: a shift in the EU’s mindset?

By Ilaria Sacco In the last days of the Juncker Commission (June 2019), the EU and the Mercosur (the Common market of the South formed by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) reached an “agreement in principle” on the trade pillar (the so-called Free Trade Agreement, or FTA). The FTA would save over €4 billion worthContinue reading “EU-Mercosur Agreement: a shift in the EU’s mindset?”

Geopolitics’ turn again: Covid-19 edition

By Mary Karnachoritou Henry Kissinger the well awarded American diplomat spoke of the “Post corona-virus world order” However prejudicial Covid-19 has been, not all countries came through as losers. In fact, the pandemic constituted a unique chance for international players and coalitions to re-negotiate their status. Crises- from the Greek word “Krisis” meaning “the decisiveContinue reading “Geopolitics’ turn again: Covid-19 edition”

The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investments: What’s in it for China?

By Veronica Burgstaller On 30 December 2020, the Comprehensive Agreement on Investments (CAI) was concluded in principle between the EU and China, marking the most ambitious agreement China has ever concluded with a third country and replacing the bilateral treaties it had previously with 26 EU member states (except Ireland). The agreement, after 7 yearsContinue reading “The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investments: What’s in it for China?”

CETA Explained: A Triumph of Free Trade or a Setback for Europe

By Shane Goodman On 30th October 2016, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau travelled to Brussels to sign the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) on behalf of his government. CETA is a free-trade deal between the European Union and Canada which its proponents claim will lead to job creation, economic growth and a reduction in redContinue reading “CETA Explained: A Triumph of Free Trade or a Setback for Europe”