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European Studies Review is a peer-reviewed journal. It contains academic and opinion pieces, written by students and recent graduates on a wide range of topics relating to European affairs.

The European Studies Review journal provides a platform for students and recent graduates who have an interest in areas relating to European affairs to express their opinion and publish independent research. The journal is composed of articles from our team as well as submissions received from our readers. Each article covers different topics which means there will always be something to read which you will be interested in.

The multi-disciplinary nature of the journal means that the journal is accessible to students and recent graduates of all disciplines. Our contributors have various backgrounds, ranging from political science and international relations, law and psychology. This reflects the complex nature in which European Studies can be analysed.

ISSN 2953-0377

Find our latest edition below:

CSDP Turns 25: From Saint-Malo to Versailles 3 by Giovanni Luca Catucci

EU and Russia: A Tale of Sanction Regimes 11 by Antonia Koumpoti

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Did the Russia-Ukraine Conflict Strain EU-Turkey Relations? 17 by Alexandra Eleferenko

Erdoğan versus Kiliçdaroğlu 2023: most Important Elections? 24 by Liz Moran

The Return of the “Stability-Democracy Dilemma”? An Analysis of the EU Agenda for the Western Balkans 32 by Simone Gagliardo

Energy Security in Europe – Between Crisis Predictions and Prospects for Stability 38 by Sinan Arda

No Taxation Without Representation: Assessing Parliamentary Involvement in the Next Generation EU 43 by Francesco Felici

EU for You: Present and Future of the Common Security and Defence Policy 49 by Lorenzo Trasca

European Policy Competition winner: How the EU and China Can Work Together to Reduce Emissions of the Greenhouse Gas Methane 54 by Eoin Jackson

ESR Edition 14 (February 2023)

Brave New World? The EU’s Battle to Regulate AI by Shane Goodman 4

Investment Screening and Diffusion of Military Artificial Intelligence: Hitting the Target? by Kristin Waage 9

Game of Drones: Towards EU Unity on the Use of Armed Drones by Thomas Klein Wolterink 17

Grudgingly and Then Hastily: The Future of European Strategic Autonomy within NATO by Jakub Knopp 23

State Sovereignty and Human Rights: A Balance the ECtHR Has Yet To Appreciate by Anne Spillane 29

The Right of Access to a Lawyer In Pre-Trial Proceedings: A Janus-faced System of Protection In Europe? by Owen Forde 36

Governing Europe from a Distance: The French National Coordination System of EU Policy by Charles Martinet 42

Populist Foreign Policy in Action? The Case of the Five Star Movement’s China Policy by Alain Tao 51

Schuman Insight

A Critical Juncture for a more ‘Autonomous’ EU? Tips for the 2024-2029 HR/VP by Irene Rusconi 58

Could Germany’s Past Ostpolitik Undermine Its Future Position As A Regional Leader? by Eugenia Hanniffy 65


Interview of Jakob Gomolka with Jacob Werksman, Principal Advisor at DG CLIMA, lead negotiator at COP 70

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