Divide and Rule Gone Wrong: China’s 17+1 members drifting towards Taiwan

By Gregory Lens The official idea behind China’s controversial China-CEEC (Central and Eastern European Countries), commonly known as 17+1 club, was to strengthen ties between the PRC and Eastern European countries to appeal to the agriculture sector in a crisis-hit region of Europe where rural economies are not able to compete under the protectionist policiesContinue reading “Divide and Rule Gone Wrong: China’s 17+1 members drifting towards Taiwan”

Hope for Hungary’s united opposition in 2022?

By Robin Vandendriessche In 2014, Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán declared his intention to build an illiberal state, citing Russia and China as examples. Since his Fidesz party rose to power in 2010, Hungary has taken the lead in what later would be known as democratic backsliding. This includes dismantling the independence of the judiciary,Continue reading “Hope for Hungary’s united opposition in 2022?”

Before Everyone’s Eyes: Tsimanouskaya’s Case at the Olympics

Myriam Marino Acts of political repression carried out by the Belarusian government, which peaked after August 2020, once again transcended national borders and drew high international attention. The XXXII edition of the Olympic Games was successfully held in Japan from 23 July to 8 August, postponed by one year, despite doubts related to a stillContinue reading “Before Everyone’s Eyes: Tsimanouskaya’s Case at the Olympics”

Italy’s G20 Presidency: an opportunity for the EU?

By Ilaria Sacco 2021 has symbolized the beginning of a new era, a moment of recovery after one of the biggest crises caused by the pandemic. Covid-19 shows us that we live in  such an interdependent world, made of interconnected threats. In this world, multilateralism must be revived. This means more rapid and unique responsesContinue reading “Italy’s G20 Presidency: an opportunity for the EU?”

Nord Stream 2 will be finished – what’s ahead?

By Jelle Baartmans The construction of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, which will link Russia directly with Germany through the Baltic Sea, will be finished soon. Germany and the United States have reached an agreement on the issue that had divided the two countries both under the Trump and Biden administrations. The GermanContinue reading “Nord Stream 2 will be finished – what’s ahead?”

The Unattainable Utopia of a Nuclear-Free EU

By Gregory Lens The inclusion of nuclear energy as a potentially “green” energy source by the EU’s own in-house scientific body has yet again sparked division among member states, laying bare the wildly varying approaches to the future of nuclear power and what ought to be considered sustainable energy in general. On June 30th, theContinue reading “The Unattainable Utopia of a Nuclear-Free EU”