France’s Position in the Ukrainian Crisis

by Yaprak Akkaya As one of the EU’s major superpowers, France has been vocal since the beginning of the contflict between Russia and Ukraine. Until now, Macron has sought to be a negotiator and to encourage communication for innocent people. On the other hand, there is also a response to this crisis at the UnionContinue reading “France’s Position in the Ukrainian Crisis”

Swift and severe costs? EU sanctions and the Russo-Ukrainian conflict

By Robin Vandendriessche In February 2022, Russia deployed up to 190 000 troops in and around Ukraine. This constitutes the greatest military build-up since the country’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 and sparked a major international crisis. Moscow declared to be open to diplomacy but demanded legal security guarantees such as the withdrawal of NATOContinue reading “Swift and severe costs? EU sanctions and the Russo-Ukrainian conflict”

Portugal’s Key Position in European Defense Policy

By Mary Karnachoritou Back in 2000, the first foundation on Europe’s Defense and Security was put into place in the small Portuguese town of Feira under Portugal’s presidency of the council of the EU. The Feira agreement would constitute the basis for the European Security Strategy and later on for the large civilian and militaryContinue reading “Portugal’s Key Position in European Defense Policy”