Submission Questions

What is the word limit?

Blog posts are limited to 750 words.

Articles for the bi-monthly journal must be between 1,500 and 2,500 words (excluding footnotes).

The word limit must be strictly adhered to.

What referencing style must I use?

Hyperlinks must be used for blog posts at the relevant point. Open access sources are preferable so it is more accessible to readers.

Our preferred reference style for our bi-monthly journal is Chicago Style (footnotes).

In what language can I write?

All articles must be written in English. Quotes in other languages may be used once the writer provides a direct translation for readers.

Do you have any tips on how to write a good article?

Your language should be clear and simple.

Keep your paragraphs short.

Define any acronyms and provide definitions of uncommon terms.

What can I write on?

You can write on whatever topic you want, as long as there is a link to European affairs.

How do I submit an article?

All articles can be sent to europeanstudiesreview@gmail.com. In the subject line, please include the type of article and the title of your article.

The Editing Process

How long will the editing process to occur?

While we strive to provide feedback in a timely manner, we wish to remind all writers that the Editorial team is composed of students who are balancing their editing work with college.

However, we aim to provide feedback for blog posts within a week of submission.

We endeavour to provide feedback on journal articles by the 10th of the publication month.

I am not happy with my feedback. What can I do?

We are sorry to hear you are not happy with your feedback. The Senior Editor can independently review any article in question should a problem arise.To avail of this service, please email us outlining your problem.

If the feedback of the Senior Editor is not satisfactory and the same as the original editor, you can request that your article will not be published. No article will be published without the writer’s consent.

How is my article assessed?

You article is assessed based on the clarity of language, strength of the argument, grammar and references.

Other Questions

How do I join the team?

While we are grateful that you are interested in joining our team, we do not accept applications outside application periods. Check our Current Vacancies page regularly for open positions.

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