Turkey’s Kurdish Question

By Olivier de Bolster On 17 June, the Kurdish community mourned the death of a volunteer at the pro-Kurdish HDP headquarters in Turkey’s third-largest city Izmir. The culprit’s claim of acting as a lone wolf has been met with outright skepticism from the opposition. However, supposed links with the ultranationalistic Gray Wolves movement on hisContinue reading “Turkey’s Kurdish Question”

Putin’s Broken Promise

By Jelle Baartmans In the past few weeks, most of Europe’s attention has focused on Alyaksandr Lukashenka and his increasingly repressive measures against the Belarusian people —including but not limited to making an intra-EU Ryanair flight land in Minskunder false pretences to arrest one of the plane’s passengers. At the same time, it is worth payingContinue reading “Putin’s Broken Promise”

EU’s Anti-trust investigations into Facebook: Tech giant versus the Single Market

By Valentina Alexandru What is maybe the most expansive advertising platform of all times – the Facebook Marketplace – has fallen under the radar of the European Union plus the UK, as suspicions arose as to how the data obtained from the advertising service is used. The antitrust investigation would shed light on whether theContinue reading “EU’s Anti-trust investigations into Facebook: Tech giant versus the Single Market”

The “Antidemocratic Turn” in Europe

By Ilaria Sacco Democracy is losing currency while an antidemocratic turn is moving forward in Europe, states Freedom House, an NGO that conducts research on democracy and political freedom. Its annual report, Nations in Transit, measures progress and setbacks in democratization in 29 countries from Central Europe to Central Asia. The 2021 edition was named “The AntidemocraticContinue reading “The “Antidemocratic Turn” in Europe”

Vaccine diplomacy: triggering internal and external divisions in Central-Eastern Europe

By Myriam Marino One year after the outburst of the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, Member States of the European Union are managing the most extensive vaccination campaign of all time. If differences regarding the rendition and administration of campaigns between Western and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) were expected, the current situation displaysContinue reading “Vaccine diplomacy: triggering internal and external divisions in Central-Eastern Europe”

Independent or short-sighted? The CAI and its geopolitical implications

By Robin Vandendriessche On the 30th of December 2020, just three weeks before President Biden’s inauguration and on the second last day of Germany’s presidency of the Council, the EU and China concluded in principle the negotiations on the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI). Negotiations have lasted for nearly seven years but gained considerable momentumContinue reading “Independent or short-sighted? The CAI and its geopolitical implications”