Vaccine diplomacy: triggering internal and external divisions in Central-Eastern Europe

By Myriam Marino One year after the outburst of the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, Member States of the European Union are managing the most extensive vaccination campaign of all time. If differences regarding the rendition and administration of campaigns between Western and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) were expected, the current situation displaysContinue reading “Vaccine diplomacy: triggering internal and external divisions in Central-Eastern Europe”

Geopolitics’ turn again: Covid-19 edition

By Mary Karnachoritou Henry Kissinger the well awarded American diplomat spoke of the “Post corona-virus world order” However prejudicial Covid-19 has been, not all countries came through as losers. In fact, the pandemic constituted a unique chance for international players and coalitions to re-negotiate their status. Crises- from the Greek word “Krisis” meaning “the decisiveContinue reading “Geopolitics’ turn again: Covid-19 edition”

AstraZeneca reluctance: consequence of faltering EU vaccination strategy?

By Gregory Lens Imagine a scene in a medical thriller in which safe and thoroughly checked vaccines against a highly contagious and deadly disease are available, at last providing a way out of a global pandemic that has been holding the world hostage for over a year. In that movie, the protagonists refuse the vaccineContinue reading “AstraZeneca reluctance: consequence of faltering EU vaccination strategy?”