The Last Drop of Water: The European Water Crisis

by Fatima Karimli Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Water is the driving force of all nature.” Water is one of Earth’s crucial elements and part of the human core, as adult women comprise 55% of water and adult men 60%. In addition, everyone needs enough water for a livelihood because 75% of all jobs andContinue reading “The Last Drop of Water: The European Water Crisis”

Protests in Georgia and the Winding Road to EU Candidate Status

by Simone Gagliardo On March 7-8, 2023, thousands of demonstrators gathered in front of the Georgian parliament in Tbilisi to protest against a proposed “Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence”, which would require media outlets and NGOs receiving more than 20% of their revenues from abroad to register as “foreign agents” and be subject toContinue reading “Protests in Georgia and the Winding Road to EU Candidate Status”

Italy’s Left Has Left Out Parenting Rights

by Victoria Scarlett Brizzi The election of Giorgia Meloni as Italian Prime Minister in October 2022 underlined the weakness of the left-wing as represented by the Partito Democratico (PD). This new breeze of Conservative politics on the right-wing in Italy has been built around Meloni’s commitment to traditional family values imbued with Catholic rhetoric. TheContinue reading “Italy’s Left Has Left Out Parenting Rights”

Migration and the EU Voluntary Solidarity Mechanism: A Failed Attempt to Address the Impasse?

by Lorenzo Trasca Lorenzo graduated in International Relations MSc. at LUISS Guido Carli in Rome, Italy. He is a very ambitious person and aims to work for Italian diplomacy by promoting Italy’s political, economic, social, and cultural relations with other countries. He is passionate about foreign languages and speaks Italian, English, and French. The reluctanceContinue reading “Migration and the EU Voluntary Solidarity Mechanism: A Failed Attempt to Address the Impasse?”

US Inflation Reduction Act – what impact on Europe? 

by Roberta Guevska In August 2022, the US Senate passed its Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) by a narrow majority of 51-50. Although opinions between Republicans and Democrats vary on whether such legislation would be effective in the fight against rising inflation (6.5% as of December 2022, according to U.S. Labor Department data published January, 12),Continue reading “US Inflation Reduction Act – what impact on Europe? “

Organised Crime Haunts the Sahel. EU Responses

By Liz Moran In June 2022, the World Health Organisation recounted that the Sahel was facing unparalleled humanitarian needs as a result of armed conflict, poverty, and political instability. A few months later, equally concerning news arrived. By January 2023, the United Nations informed the UN Security Council of unprecedented insecurity in the Sahel. Ms.Continue reading “Organised Crime Haunts the Sahel. EU Responses”