Meet the Founding Members

Aoife Griffin

founder & editor-in-chief

Following the completion of her BA History & Politics in University College Cork, Aoife decided to pursue a Master of European Studies in KU Leuven. She majors in European External Relations and does a minor in Globalising Europe. Her main interests include EU relations with its eastern neighbours, European Neighbourhood Policy, European integration and identity politics.

Dita Toska

Founding member & Deputy editor-in-chief

As a Kosovar-Albanian born and raised in Brussels, the EU has always played an impacted role in Dita’s life. Following her double degree in Corporate and Financial Law, she decided to pursue a Masters of European Studies at KU Leuven to specialise in global political economic and Europe-Asia relations. Her main interests include the Balkans and East Asian trade relations.

Claire Morin

founding member & Social media coordinator

After completing a Bachelors in history in Paris, Claire studied in Germany and Italy with the EMJMD Euroculture. She is currently a student in Master of European Studies in KU Leuven.

Her main interests include regionalism and Latin America.

Tomas Farinha carney

Founding member & chief writer

Having grown up in Portugal, the United States, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Kenya and Israel, Tomas brings an international perspective to the Review. He is currently studying for a Masters of European Studies in KU Leuven. His interests and specialisation include East Asia and the United States’ interactions with the EU.

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