Meet the Editorial Team

Aoife Griffin

founder & editor-in-chief

Following the completion of her BA History & Politics in University College Cork, Aoife decided to pursue a Master of European Studies in KU Leuven. She majors in European External Relations and does a minor in Globalising Europe. Her main interests include EU relations with its eastern neighbours, European Neighbourhood Policy, European integration and identity politics.

Dita Toska

founding member & deputy Editor-in-chief

As a Kosovar-Albanian born and raised in Brussels, the EU has always played an impacted role in Dita’s life. Following her double degree in Corporate and Financial Law, she decided to pursue a Masters of European Studies at KU Leuven to specialise in global political economic and Europe-Asia relations. Her main interests include the Balkans and East Asian trade relations.

Michela Sandron

Senior editor

Michela’s interest in cultural diversity has guided her to study and live in the United States, The Netherlands and Spain. She has completed a BA in International Relations and International Organisation at the University of Groningen. She continued her postgraduate studies in International Relations in the University of Bologna where she obtained her Masters degree. She specialised in EU foreign policy, external action, transatlantic relations and migration policies.

Veronica burgstaller


Born in Vienna, Austria, Veronica’s life has been one of constant moving between Europe and Asia. Studying international relations has thus been a natural choice for her. She spent the last three years in South Korea before deciding to follow a Masters of European Studies in KU Leuven to pursue her interests in Europe-East Asia relations.

Antoine Reginster


Living in a small town south of Brussels, Antoine lives at the linguistic border. His family speaks French but he has always attended an Flemish-speaking school. He studied for a Bachelors degree in Japanology as he is passionate about learning languages. He is currently at KU Leuven, pursuing a Masters of European Studies.

Claire lepoutre


After graduating with a Bachelor in Literature and Politics, Claire major in European Studies as part of an Erasmus Mundus Masters program. She has lived and studied in The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United States. Her interests include international relations, culture and sustainable development.

Antonia koumpoti


Following the completion of her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Administration and Policy and M.A. in International Relations, Antonia is currently pursuing a second M.A. in EU Law under scholarship from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. She is an experienced editor with research interests in European Studies and International Relations.

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